New Snapshots up! I found out that I use my iphone too much, which has resulted in my taking a squillion photos on it. So After much ado I have finally posted them for your viewing pleasure.

Check them out here : Snapshots!

So long for now :)

It's been far too long...

I always forget that I have a blog.....Anyhoo just wanted to post a little update.

Currently I have been working on a project with ABEARICA, which is hopefully going to be coming out within the year. In this project I excslusivly photographed recording sessions. We are in the editing portion of the project and I cannot wait to be able to show you the photos in addition to hearing the new music!

My father, since retiring, has taken up painting. So I have been photographing his artwork and helped him out by designing a website for him. Check it out here...Bobby C Poole.


As for my own personal work...sigh it has been slow...I need some new ideas to get me going again.

That is all for now.



New (old) Images are up!

Hello All,

So I have been slowly going through old old negatives from when I first started photographing. Its a long slow process but I have finally started to upload the images to my site.

Check it out under my "Personal" section of my site. I will be constantly adding to it as I find them.


I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think!


London 2011

Recently went to London for business and pleasure for 10 days. I am hoping to have some new images up shortly.....

A few things of interest:

Check out my friend, Robert Otto Epstein's artblog.

Help support Numuan Collective with their first print journal. Click here to donate.

That is all for now.


New Website

Hello All,

Thanks for checking out my new website. I am still in the process of adding new content so check back often for updates.

Feel free to email me with questions or if you would like to leave a comment go for it!